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    Ariah Park History Group
    This group deals with historical aspects of the north-east section of the shire, with detailed research culminating in many publications over the years, and the installation of five plaques at historic sites of significance.

    Copies are available from the Editor,
    Nigel Judd
    1 Coolamon Street,
    Ariah Park
    NSW 2665
    phone (02) 6974 1026
    Wowsers, Bowsers and Peppercorn Trees
    This is a new collection of Ariah Park and District History compiled by editor, Nigel Judd.
    The book contains all material from an earlier publication "Looking Back" in 1988.

    This new History Book was launched at the 2007 Ariah Park Centenary Celebrations by feature writers, Jessie Seymour and Jim Davey.
    "Wowsers, Bowsers and Peppercorn Trees" contains chapters on the early days of Ariah Park, the History of Local Government, Business, Churches, local organisations and sporting groups.
    Some 22 "Unforgettable Characters" are mentioned, while a number of historical accounts of the "the good old days" and past events are a feature of the book. Nearly 220 Family Histories make up nearly half the book and make interesting reading.
    Price - $25
    Note: As the book weighs over 500 grams, postage and packing of $10 will have to be added for posting.

    The History Book "Wowsers, Bowsers and Peppercorn Trees" is an Ariah Park Community Project and any profit from the book will go to other Ariah Park community projects or future historical accounts.
    The book was published with the assistance of the Temora Shire Council and printed by J.A. Bradley & Sons of Temora.

    Beehive & Broken Dam
    The 1987 publication is described as an account of the settlement at Broken Dam (Ariah Park NSW);

    Its people and its progress.
    While Broken Dam no longer exists, through the pages of Beehive and The Broken Dam, local historian Bill Speirs has preserved the story of the microcosm of early settlement for all time.
    Price - $15
    Looking Back
    Looking Back is a collection of history and stories from the Ariah Park and district (now also included in Wowsers, Bowsers and Peppercorn Trees, detailed above). Looking Back was compiled and published by the Ariah Park Community Association as a bicentennial project in 1988, while Nigel Judd was responsible for the compilation and editing of the publication. The book was not produced as a definitive history, but used to record what was available at the time, and stimulate further discussion and research to contribute to future publications.
    The idea of publishing a pictorial record of the early days of Ariah Park was conceived by Pastor Kemsley, after great interest had been generated in a slide production presented at the Jubilee celebrations of the Baptist Church in 1962. It is said that To Live Again was not intended to present a detailed account of the history of Ariah Park, but rather to give a very brief outline to accompany the pictures that in themselves can convey far more than words could ever tell.
    Local historian, Bill Speirs, wrote the history of the Howard Family Selections on the Merrool. Combined Effort was published in 1983, and is available to loan from the Temora Library.