A Section 355 Committee of the Temora Shire Council Executive members elected as of 1st March, 2018

President Chris Mutton 02 6927 8222 -Mob 0428 124 808
Vice President Allen Penfold 02 6974 1215    Mob 0410 478 999

Secretary Robyn Wall                  
Minute Secretary Shirley Bayes Morgan                  
Treasurer Margaret Speirs
Publicity Officer Nigel Judd

Other Committee Members Frances Dwyer, - Jane Sanders, - Patty Vearing, - Cheryl Goff, Julie Colwill - Brian Morgan.

The Committee decided to continue the Mary Gilmore Festival in 2018
confirmed The Ariah Park Mary Gilmore Festival will commence on
Wednesday 17th and run through to the Sunday Market Day 21st October 2018.
Third Saturday Weekend.