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    Introducing Kylie Adams-Collier

    Kylie Adams-Collier: award winning Australian songwriter,
    Kylie Adams-Collier is an award winning Kross Kut Records Australian songwriter, festival host and national radio broadcaster with Good Morning Country on the community radio network.
    Kylie has recorded five albums including three solo albums in her colourful thirty year singing career.
    Kylie's first recording was two albums with the "Snow Leopards" on Waterfront Records in the early nineties.
    Solo albums followed with "Bellingen Says Goodnight" produced by Brendan Gallagher "Sweet Dreams til Morning" produced by Gary Brown then Kylie's latest album "Little Stone," produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records.
    Single releases from her latest album Little Stone: "Younger in Urunga," "Montevideo Maru 1942," "Hook, Line and Sinker" and "On a Sandstone Ridge" have all reached the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart and the Tasmanian Top 30 Country Music charts.
    "Little Stone" has twelve unique original tracks that feature top Australian musicians Lindsay Waddington, Lawrie Minson, Hugh Curtis, Michel Rose, Tony Wagner, Rob O'Sullivan and Tyson Colman.
    Kylie is a gifted storyteller and is becoming recognized for her illustrative songwriting in the country music industry with many award nominations in 2018 including the Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards, Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards and the Australian Songwriters Association National Songwriting Awards.
    Growing up in Bellingen, northern NSW, Kylie's creative roots shine through in her rich portrayal of Australian life and history including a respectfully moving tribute to Smoky Dawson with "On a Sandstone Ridge."
    Other single releases from "Little Stone" are "Ferry over the Clarence" on the "Balladeers VOL 20" and "Hook Line & Sinker" on the Champagne Country album with more singles set for 2019.

    Kylie's writing is influenced by people she meets, their stories and the Australian landscape.
    She started writing songs from a very early age. Kylie grew up in a musical house hold and was strongly influenced by her family's love of Australian poets including CJ Dennis, Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and Mary Gilmore.
    Kylie's singing career kicked off in the late eighties, singing in bars in Sydney's inner west. She recorded two albums with the Snow Leopards on Waterfront Records which lead to tours in the early nineties. Since then Kylie has sung in many line ups and has supported such acts as Mental as Anything, Richard Clapton,
    Beccy Cole, Justin Standley and many more.

    Kylie's song writing has also been described as different, memorable, rich, colourful and a painter of words.
    Kylie donates 50 cents from every Little Stone album sales to the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia to help raise money for Papua New Guinea and Montevideo Maru educational package for schools : www.memorial.org.au
    Career highlights include meeting the Prime Minister of Ireland Dr Michael D Higgins, Dr Brendan Nelson, former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea:,Sir Michael Somare and the Mayor of Rabaul, Changol Manuai.
    Kylie Adams-Collier is a member of :
    Australian Bush Balladeer's Association: www.bushballadeers.com.au
    Tamworth Songwriter's Association: www.tsaonline.com.au
    Country Music Association of Australia: www.country.com.au
    Australian Songwriter's Association: www.asai.org.au
    Papua New Guinea Association of Australia: www.pngaa.org

    Festivals Kylie Adams-Collier has performed at:
    Pyrmont Christmas Festival : www.christmasinpyrmont.org.au
    Tamworth Country Music Festival: www.tcmf.com.au
    Hats Off To Country Music Festival: http://www.destinationtamworth.com.au/Events/Music/hats-off-to-country
    Poley's Place Hoedown : www.poleysplace.com
    Slim Dusty Country Music Festival ( Nulla Nulla bus trip & MC): www.slimdustycentre.com.au
    Clarence Valley Country Muster: www.cvcmuster.com.au
    Kempton Festival: www.heritagehighway.com.au
    Bedgerabong Country Music Campout: https://www.123tix.com.au/events/1240/bedgerabong-country-music-campout
    Kempton Country Music Muster: www.heritagehighway.com.au
    Adelaide Fringe Festival: www.adelaidefringe.com.au
    Oatlands Heritage & Bullock Festival: www.heritagehighway.com.au
    Bungadore Country Music Muster
    Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Festival

    Kylie has travelled extensively in the past few years to promote her music.
    Other concert highlights:
    Pittwater Country:A monthly country music showcase hosted by radio presenter Geoff Williams .
    Donnie Soper's Sunday Country : Held in the Hunter Valley region.
    Canterbury Country:Kylie is a regular guest on this popular night hosted by Bob Howe and Niki Gillis.
    Five Tasmanian tours thanks to 7Midfm.
    Morning Melodies tour to Evans Head and Casino thanks to Jill Thomson.
    Country Music Heritage Association Of Queensland thanks to Russell G Wilson.
    Griffith Country Music Muster.
    Forbes Country Music Muster.
    Kylie Adams-Collier's music is being played on radio in Australia, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, UK, Belgium,New Zealand,Denmark,Malta,Switzerland,France,Ireland,Poland,Holland,Austria, Isle of man and Norway.

    Thanks to:
    CRS Publicity: www.crspublicity.com.au
    Hillcrest Music: www.hillcrestcd.com
    Band line-ups over the years:
    Band Name: The Willows
    Year: 1988 Band members: Paul Hayward : bass, Greg Morrow: guitar, Peter Kelly: drums, Bruce Begley: guitar, Kylie Adams: vocals, Tony: harmonica.
    Band name:The Snow Leopards
    Year: 1991 Band members:Bruce Begley:guitar, Lisa Partington: voacls, Kylee ( Kylie) Adams: vocals,Andrea Croft: vocals, Paul Nagel:guitar,Pater Kelly: drums, Peter DJ Kelly: bass, James Lockett: keyboards, Greg Atkinson: vocals, Andrew Igram: bass
    Recording: self titled and Sweet Sweet Dreams ( see music page).
    Band name: Deep South
    Year: 1994 Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Dominic Phillips: guitar, Tony Cooper: drums, Mark Cunningham: bass.
    Band name: Apollonians
    Year: 1995 Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Dominc Phillips: guitar, Tony Cooper: drums: Mark Cunningham: Bass.
    Band name: Adams Sisters
    Year: 1998 Band members: Kylie Adams: vocals, Jenny Adams: guitar & vocals
    Recording: Not released.
    Band name : Kitty Adams & The Hi Ho Silvers
    Year: 2000 Band members: Kitty Adams ( Kylie) : vocals, Dominic Phillips: guitar, Karen Braidwood: bass, John Thorne: drums.
    Recording: Not released.
    Band name: Kitty Adams ( Kylie)
    Year: 2000 Collaborated with: Nigel Harrington, Sandy Clarke, Luke Rhodes, Greg Richardson, Leisa Robinson,Willow Wishart, Tony Polson and many more.
    Recording: Mudpies EP: Not released.
    Band name: Zoobop
    Year: 2001 band members: Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals, Chris Frater: saxaphone,Peter Crane: guitar, Greg Richardson: bass, Lawrence Pastro: drums, Michael daunt: keyboards.
    Band name: Kitty and The Alley cats
    Year: 2003 band members: Kitty Adams ( Kylie): vocals & guitar, Roy Payne: guitar & lapsteel, Paul Hayward: bass, Dave Hibbert: drums, Mark Thomas: pedal steel.
    Special guests: Trucker Bob, Buddy Cartwright, Greg Morrow, Jeff Pope.
    Recordings: live at the Town & Country Hotel 2004 and an EP. Not released.
    Band name: Kitty Adams
    Year 2007 band members: collaborated with may people then had a break from live music.
    Continued writing.
    Band name: Kylie Adams-Collier
    Year: 2014 First solo recording : Bellingen Says Goodnight. ( see music page).
    Band name: Kylie Adams-Collier
    Year: 2016 Second solo recording: Sweet Dreams 'Til Morning ( see music page).
    Band name: Kylie Adams-Collier
    Year: 2017 Third solo recording: Little Stone ( see music page).

    Growing up in Bellingen, northern N.S.W, Australia, Kylie was brought up with music.
    Her mother was a radio presenter at 2BBBfm, Bellingen and opened Kylie's eyes to a large variety of musical styles.
    Kylie left home to study fine arts in Sydney in the late eighties. It was there that she started singing country music in bars and writing songs after her sister, Jenny Adams gave her a guitar.
    Her first band, The Willows developed a following at the iconic Sandringham Hotel, which caught songwriter , Bruce Begley's ( The Honeys) attention.
    Kylie joined Bruce Begley's new band the Snow Leopards along with Bruce Begley, Andrea Croft
    ( The Honeys), Greg Atkinson ( Big Heavy Stuff), Lisa Partington ( The Rosemaries), Peter Kelly
    ( Disneyfist), Peter Kelly ( Vanilla Chainsaws), James Lockett, Paul Nagel and Andrew Ingram .
    The Snow Leopards recorded two albums on Waterfront Records which lead to a national tour, JJJfm playlisting and a live at the wireless concert plus videos on ABC’s Rage TV.
    The Snow Leopards got into the Top 10 Alternative ARIA charts and played regularly at venues.
    The Snow Leopards were also included in the Roo Art's Young Blood Compilation CD.
    This lead to touring wuth The Fauves, The CLouds, The Welcome Mat and many more popular independent bands of the 90's.
    kylie's next collaboration was with the Appollonians ( originals band) , Deep South ( blues band) with Dom Phillips, Tony Cooper and Mark Cunningham.
    They supported many bands including Canned Heat, The Whitlams, Peggy Van Zalm, Richard Clapton, Mental as Anything, Lonesome Boogie and many more.