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A three piece band covering a wide range of musical styles.
Individual members are Keith Turner and Tony Nichols from Stockinbingal (hence the name of the band) and Wilf Reid from Springdale.
The band was established in June 2012 although individual members have had many more years experience in the local, Canberra and Queanbeyan music scene.
We are comfortable playing Country Hits, or Rock & Roll from the 50's to today.
We also play a range of early guitar instrumentals from the Shadows, The Ventures etc.
Our repertoire is extensive and due to different musical influences of the band members we can tailor the music to the specific requirements of a particular venue.
We like to play music that will bring back memories for patrons and gets them up to dance and we keep the sound levels at a reasonable volume!

If you have ever seen us play you will know that Keith and I play guitars and Wilfy does the singing bit;
S so how does all the Percussion, Bass Guitars, Strings, Saxophones, Pianos and all that other stuff get there.

Our recording studio is full of stuff that helps us do that but mainly we use a couple of top notch keyboards and some pretty clever Computer software.
We have a mixed means of building up the backing tracks and if you look at our LSB-Studio page I have popped in some more pictures and videos and what equipment we use and how we create the tracks.
One of the most popular means of creating Backing Tracks amongst amateur musicians is to purchase MIDI files that produce music by playing that file through a Midi keyboard or similar electronic music device, or others may use MP3 files that can be played through something like an iPad or similar.
The problem with this is that when you listen to solos or bands who use these purchased tracks they all pretty much sound the same. The truth is, that on occasions, we to will purchase a MIDI file off the Internet to form the basis of a song but then we attack it to make sure it sounds more human for one, but we will also take out what are often electronically created sounds (like acoustic guitars) and replace that particular track in the songs with the real thing.
We can add more of our own tracks to make the sound fuller or remove them to make the music sound more "unplugged".
We also create our songs from the ground up and again we use a mixture of programmed music where Keith and I create Midi Tracks note by note on computer screens.
We then record these tracks separately and add any actual instruments latter.
So have a look around the pages in this Our Music area. If you have any questions About the equipment or technologies we used just drop me a an email at studio@lockstockbingle.com

Tony and the Boys