Will Kepa

W Will Kepa is a Torres Strait Islander multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and producer based in Cairns, Far North Queensland and has been on the professional music scene for the past decade or more.

His skills in the recording studio that have kept Will very busy over the past few years, as a session musician, music director, audio engineer and producer.
Will has played on a countless number of albums, EPs, radio and TV commercials, and film scores and documentaries, as a drummer, percussionist, bassist, guitarist, pianist and backing vocalist, as well as writing and arranging music for a particular brief. He has travelled and played with many well known singers and musicians.

Will is a multi instrumentalist and will join David and Kirk on stage for their performance in October.
Most recently Will has moved to Canberra to continue to formalise his music career by undertaking a Degree in Music.
He will travel over from Canberra to join us on Friday 13th October.

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